Meat, Meat, Meat

We were lucky enough to win dinner for two at the pre-launch  at Fazenda in Manchester.

Fazenda is our absolute favourite restaurant in Leeds. A rodizio with class! Its so good we sometimes drive for over two hours to get there. Service is always impeccable and they do a mean Black Forest Martini, but the meats are just to die for.

My personal favourites are the Minted Lamb and the Fillet Mignon, cuts only available in evening service.

The Manchester branch follows on from the Leeds branch, opened in 2011, and the Liverpool branch which opened late 2013 and opens on 7th November so there was still some building work going on, not that it was noticeable.

Service was great. You are taken to your seat by your waiter who explains what goes on at Fazenda, help yourself to the salad bar and then the passadors will come round with the meats. You have a disc on the table with two sides, red for no and green for go. Turn the disc to green and the passadors will carve succulent beef, chicken, lamb, sausage, black pudding and even chicken hearts at the table. Grab your mini tongs to take the meat, then enjoy.

Our waitress checked that we were happy to have the meat medium rare, we were but other tables were requesting well done which is not a problem at all. She suggested a lovely Malbec for us, one of her personal favourites and now one of ours!

Everything about this place is amazing, the decor, the best salad bar I have ever seen, the waiters, the passadors, the atmosphere and best of all the meat!



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