Friday night on the big smoke!

First off we started on The Marylebone (93 Marylebone High Street). It was a beautiful sunny afternoon so we all decided to sit outside! There were a fair few of us to start off with, at least 20. The bar itself is pleasant enough. Shame the bar staff and the bar manager in particular are pretty horrific! 

I asked for an Ophir and slim and an SW4 and slim and you’d have thought I’d asked for the moon. Next time I went to the bar the arrogant bar man poured me two SW4 and tonic. Even though both times he’s asked me my order I’d specifically asked for slimline. He was probably pissed off that his previous customers had asked him to remove about half the ice cubes he’d given them so they could actually get some coke in their glass. 

As the tonic came from the soda gun I asked if it was slimline. It wasn’t, so in a massive huff he managed to pour me the drinks I’d actually ordered. Or so I thought until I handed over £20 and got only £2.30 change. Not only had he given me doubles that I hadn’t asked for, he’d also short changed me by 90p! This was quickly rectified but it doesn’t make up for the fact that the bar staff are ridiculously pretentious. I assume they have learned that from the bar manager who is an utter penis! 

On server all other occasions bar staff didn’t listen so we ended up with all sorts of drink was hadn’t asked for. ‘One beer and four G&Ts’ turned into four beers. Four SW4 and tonic turned into four Beefeater 24’s. If they’d stopped being so arrogant and actually listened to the customer rather than looking cool they might be ab,e to get the orders right! 

We were attending a leaving party and someone had gifted the leaver two small bottles of Jägermeister. When he saw them on the table he picked the up and took them away. When we argued that they were a gift and there was no intention of them being consumed on the premises he replied with ‘Well, if I see anyone drinking them you’re all gone’. What, all 20 of us, you can seriously turn away 20 drinkers who have put at least £1,000 behind your bar. What an absolute penis! He spent the rest of the night strutting around like an absolute div! He had obviously warned the bouncer about Jägergate as every time someone reached into their bag for a lip balm he was checking to see if it was Jäger flavoured! 

After that we went to Bill’s (119-121 Baker Street, London) as it was one of the only places seating people after 10pm.

We ordered crispy squid, duck leg confit and a Bill’s burger with Monteray Jack. The squid was wrapped in breadcrumbs and cooked to perfection. I’m not sure what the dipping sauce was but it was very good. 

The duck leg was amazing, I’m not really a confit fan but this was so good!  Really meaty and not greasy at all. It was served with wasabi mayo and a peashoot, pea and red cabbage salad and a couple of potato croquettes. It all went together perfectly and I would definitely have it again. The GinWhisperer enjoyed the burger and fries but the burger was a little too overdone for him. 

Altogether with a G&T and a glass of wine we paid £44 including service. The service was ok, food came pretty quickly but why ask us if we want water if you haven no intentions of bringing us any?  And they served Bloom Gin with lime! Where was the strawberry? 


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