Foxlow Brunch

Yesterday we had brunch at Foxlow Clerkenwell. From the same people who brought us Hawksmoor, Foxlow are their neighbourhood restaurants. They also have branches in Stoke Newington, Chiswick and Balham. 

Located just up from St Barts, I had a little geek moment walking under where Sherlock fell in Reichenback Falls, and through Smithfield Market on St Johns Street from the oitside the restaurant is pretty unassuming. Inside it is very stylish and it was packed. In fact we could only get a table at 2pm. Not really a mixed crowd in there, mostly 20-30 something groups having lunch. 


Lunch and Brunch at Foxlow Clerkenwell
As well as the usual menus there was a specials boards which had a delicious sounding meatball sub. We went straight in for the mains, I had the fried chicken with Habanero Vinegar, Gin Whisperer went for the Dexter cheeseburger and fries and our friend when for the fried chicken, egg and croissant waffle. We also ordered a Poblano Mac & Cheese to share. Drinks wise we also ordered a Bleeding Heart, an Aperol Spritz slush and a gin, mint and cucumber cocktail which we can’t remember the name of. 

There was quite a wait for the drinks and to be fair someone did come over and apologise for the delay, but when they arrived they weren’t right anyway. We had two Aperol Spritz Slushies and no Bleeding Heart. This was quickly rectified. So I got a free Slushy and a Bleeding Heart! 


Brunch at Foxlow Clerkenwell. Clockwise from top left: Poblano Macaroni Cheese, Aperol Spritz Slush and Bleeding Heart, Fried Chicken, Yorkshire Rhubarb, Sweet Labneh & Pistachio
The food was good. My fried chicken was enormous, I could only manage two of the three pieces. It actually looked bigger than it was, the coating was so thick it made the chicken pieces double in size. The coating was delicious and crispy but the chicken inside was still really moist. The Habanero vinegar was also a really good accompaniment but I must admit  I also stole some of my friends sausage gravy which also went with it really well. We were warned that the Mac and cheese would be quite spicy but actually it was really nice, the only problem was it was hard to serve as it was stuck to the bottom of the dish although I’m sure it would have been fine if you had eaten it straight from the dish as a main course as it was intended. Gin Whisperer enjoyed the actual burger but didn’t like the bun. He also enjoyed a piece of my chicken! 

For dessert I went for the Yorkshire rhubarb and Gin Whisperer went for the Rhubard Sundae. I had no idea what Labneh was, turns out its Greek yoghurt! Beautifully presented and it tasted delicious. 

All in all a good brunch with just a few small service niggles. Nothing that would stop us coming back and all for a very reasonable £83 for three main courses, two desserts, two cocktails and service.


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