Solita Didsbury

This weekend I took my search for the perfect burger to Didsbury. We had agreed to meet friends before the football and they suggested Solita (1 Ogden Street, Manchester, M20 6RD) instead of having to fight through the hoards on Deansgate on derby day. 

We didn’t have a problem getting a table as we were quite early for a Sunday, especially for somewhere not offering a traditional roast but the place soon filled up and there were plenty of people enjoying the sun on the tables outside. 

A warm welcome as we entered and were seated in a booth at the back of the restaurant, menus were already laid out at each place setting. 

There was so much choice on the menu. Not just burgers but also steaks, Chicago style hotdogs, salads, grilled seafood, chicken wings. If the waitress hadn’t come over to take our order I would probably still be deciding what to have everything sounded so delicious. 

I went for a Smokehouse burger, upgraded my fries to sweet potato and added some Mac & Cheese on the side. I also ordered a pint of Big Wave which I’ve never had before. 

The food came pretty swiftly and was delicious. The burger patties are made in house daily from chuck steak and were amazing. Mine was topped with smoked brisket chilli, Lancashire cheese, pickles and BBQ sauce. Whilst the presentation wasn’t up to much, it’s difficult when the burger had that much sauce, the food itself exceeded my expectations. The brisket chilli was excellent, not too hot and went perfectly with the cheese and pickles. And I love BBQ sauce. The burger was a nightmare to pick up, I ate half with my hands but had to admit defeat and ate the rest with a knife and fork! Nice to see a sesame seed bun too, I love a brioche roll but I just don’t think it would have worked as well. 

The sweet potato fries were good but I don’t know if they warrant an extra £2 on top of the price of normal fries and the Mac & Cheese was good too although a few too many bread crumbs for the Gin Whisperers liking. 

He went for the Perfect Storm burger, a panko breadcrumbed fish fillet with American cheese, homemade tartare sauce, tomato and lettuce. The only thing he left was the lettuce!  

And Big Wave was a revelation, I’ll definitely have another pint if I see it being served again. 

Our only disappointment was that we couldn’t stay longer. Definitely worth another visit! 

Altogether just over £78 for 3 burgers, two hotdogs, sides, 3 beers and 2 soft drinks. Good value for the quality of the food. 


Five Guys Burger and Fries

Black Friday. Birmingham. Hectic shops but nowhere seems to be as busy as Five Guys and I am about to find out why!




I went for a cheese burger. £8 for a plain burger but all the toppings are free. And plentiful! I had Mayo, BBQ sauce, grilled mushrooms, lettuce and grilled onions and we shared a regular fries which was enormous. And there are over 100 different flavours of Coca Cola drinks to try. I was quite boring and went for Cherry Zero, should have had a raspberry Zero instead but maybe next time.

The queuing system is pretty chaotic, everybody waiting for their brown bag of burgers crammed up against people trying to use the two badly positioned drinks dispensers.

Were the burgers worth the wait? Most definitely! Two juicy hand formed beef patties in a sesame bun squashed into foil didn’t look particularly appetising but it was delicious.

I’d probably rank the burgers third in my all-time list, behind Byron and BRGR Soho where you can choose how well done your burgers are. The atmosphere in the restaurant itself was not great and due to being self-service there are constantly people pushing past to find a table and refill drinks but I wouldn’t let that put me off going again. Definitely the best burger in Birmingham!




So we tried to go to Five Guys just off Leicester Sq, London and a rude member of staff made us queue outside in the freezing cold even though there was no queue inside. Maybe we won’t be back after all!