Best Burgers in London!

I love BRGRSoho! Always have! Ever since my first Butchers Cut with blue cheese I’ve been hooked! 

The burgers are always cooked to absolute perfection. Really good quality meat, brioche buns, gherkins and salad served on the side. I’ve been to other places and they’ve asked me how I want my burger cooking. I usually say medium rare. I’ve had them come everywhere from Medium rare to cremated, even though the little flag says Medium Rare! But not at BRGRSoho. Always just as you’ve ordered. I usually go for a Butchers Cut or Tender Blend with a slice of Danish Blue.


Perfection at BRGRSoho
I love the vegetable crisps, aubergine, mushroom and courgette coated on bread crumbs with the most delicious cheese sauce. I also love the cheese fries. Oh, and the cocktails and shakes are also great. I had a shot of rum in my last vanilla milkshake, really good! The homemade lemonade is also great mixed with gin or vodka.

BRGRSoho is definitely my first choice for a burger in London, and conveniently located just round the corner from London Gin Club!