Gin is in. So why are so many places getting it wrong?

We’ve just got back from The Stag at Offchurch. We only stopped off to see if we fancied eating there in the future.

They had six gins to choose from, Hendricks, No. 3, Bombay, Gordon’s, Sipsmiths and Tanqueray. Decent tonic too, Fentimans. 

We ordered a No. 3 and a Hendricks. Disappointingly both came with a slice of lemon. We requested a slice of cucumber for with the Hendricks. Sorry, we don’t have any, came the reply.  I’m sorry, what? You’re a restaurant who doesn’t have any cucumber? You are charging me over £11 for two gin and tonics and you can’t even offer me the correct garnish? We weren’t expecting them to have the recommended garnish for No.3, Sicilian Olive but seriously everybody knows Hendicks should be served with cucumber. 

It great that all these pubs are offering a decent selection of gins but to not offer the correct garnish is just down right lazy. If you only plan to offer a slice of lemon as a garnish maybe you should think about only offering gins that should be garnished with lemon. It’s not rocket science. There are plenty of gins that only need a slice of lemon.

It was the same a couple of weekends ago at the George & Dragon in Chacombe. They even have a specific gin menu they have so many different choices but, again, all we got was a slice of lemon. Pointless.

There are some great places round here who really know what they are doing. Cucumber is always served with Hendricks at The Fox & Hounds in Charwelton, well it is a restaurant after all, and when we ordered Sibling at The Castle at Edgehill we were offered the option of some orange peel. 

It’s all in the detail.

Talking about detail, my gin at The Stag was also served in a cracked glass. And the garden, whilst well stocked with great furniture, had beds full of weeds. And there was a rather suspicious smelling leak running down the carpark out the front. Pretty safe to say we won’t be back for dinner!