Turtle Bay Leaminton Spa

I adore Turtle Bay! I’ve only been to two different ones, Leamington Spa and Milton Keynes but I love them!

We’ve been to the one in Leaminton Spa for  lunch today (11 Regents Court, Leaminton Spa).

One of the great things about Turtle Bay is Happy Hour! It is Happy Hours most hours of the day! Two for One on their delicious cocktails. I’ve sampled a fair few but today we went for Koko Colada. Koko Kanu white rum, pineapple, coconut and cream and grated nutmeg. Really nice, especially once you’ve stirred in the nutmeg.

Turtle Bay Leamington Spa Clockwise from top left Jerk Chicken Wings, Street Burger, Dumplings, Koko Colada, Jamaican Fried Bait

Food wise we went for Jerk Chicken Wings, Jamaican Fried Bait, 2 x Street Burgers and some fried dumplings. The menu has changed a little since our last visit but our favourites were still there!

I’ve not had the wings before, I’ve had the Jerk Pit Ribs which were really good. The chicken was equally as good, the sour orange chutney is absolutely delicious!  The Jerk seasoning is also very good as it is not ridiculously spicy, just hot enough to give your lips tingle. The Gin Whisperer loves the whitebait. He pretty much always has them. His only complaint is that you don’t get enough of the lime and coriander mayo, especially now they are served in a pot instead of on a plate.

The Street Burger is amazing! £6.95 for a delicious moist beef burger served in a brioche bun with herb mayo on the bottom and topped with pulled pork and sweet onion chutney. Coleslaw is served on the side and we always opt for the sweet potato fries, which are an extra £1 but well worth it! Absolutely wonderful. We’ve also has the pulled chicken and pulled pork burgers. All are very good. Dumplings were a bit dry and smelled of vanilla but the BBQ Jerk sauce soon sorted that out.

No room for dessert this time.  Just over £35 for two cocktails and two courses, great value.

Staff always very friendly and attentive. Always a pleasure!