Mixed feelings about lunch at The George & Dragon.

We went for Sunday lunch at the George & Dragon in Chacombe (Silver St, Chacombe, Northants, OX17 2JR) yesterday. All our neighbours love it, always using the food here as a benchmark for other local restaurants. 

We thought we would struggle to get a table, it was a beautiful day and we had managed to get the last space in the car park. Luckily they managed to seat us outside. Really well stocked bar with a great selection of gins, they even have their own separate gin menu. We chose Bloom and Tanqueray No10 and shared a bottle of Fever Tree light. Such a shame that with such a huge selection of gins they aren’t served with the right garnish. Both, disappointingly, came with lemon. When spending £3.30 and £4.05 respectively on the gins alone it would have been nice to have been at least given the option of some grapefruit or a few slices of strawberry.

We decided to go for the three course Sunday lunch for £22. For starters we chose BBQ Pulled beef spring roll and chicken liver pâté. Although the presentation of the spring roll was a little disappointing it tasted absolutely delicious. The fresh horseradish, gherkin and red onion salad was small but tasty. The Gin Whisperer loved the Pâté, it looked quite corse but was actually very smooth. It was served with sliced French bread rather than the French toast stated on the menu.


Clockwise from top left BBQ pulled beef spring roll, Chicken Liver pate, roast lamb, sticky toffee pudding, raspberry pavlova, roast pork
Next up where the roasts, we were spoiled for choice! Beef, turkey, lamb, pork or nut roast with two accompaniments from Yorkshire pudding, pigs in blankets, stuffing or roast parsnips and smothered with a choice of 4 gravies, traditional roast, mushroom, red wine & thyme, cranberry or mint & red currant. All where served with roast potatoes and seasonal veg.

I went for Pork with Yorkshire pudding, pigs in blanket and traditional gravy and the Gin Whisperer chose lamb with Yorkshire pudding, parsnips and mint and red currant gravy. There was no apple sauce to accompany my pork, they had run out! This, unfortunately meant that my meal was all a little dry. The pork was dry and there was not really enough gravy. Pigs in blankets turned out to be a singular pig and the Yorkshire pudding was disappointing. Roast potatoes were ok, I’ve never been a roast potato fan! I left most of the veg, the Yorkshire pudding and and a couple of potatoes. The Gin Whisperer liked the lamb but the gravy was a bit thin for his liking. Seasonal veg consisted of carrots, swede and cabbage. OK but a bit bland.

Since I left so much of my main I had plenty of room for dessert. We went for Sticky toffee pudding and raspberry pavlova. The desserts where definitely the best presented courses. My pavlova tasted just as good as it looked! Absolutely delicious. I would definitely recommend it. The Sticky toffee was a bit dry, you could see from the side it didn’t seem to be a traditional sticky toffee to be honest but it tasted ok.

Altogether we spend just over £70 on three courses, two genes, one tonic and a bottle of Shiraz.  Service was ok, mostly teens so not really chatty or knowledgeable. Every time one of our courses was brought out we had to wait for our cutlery to arrive which was fine in such a hot day but the food could have gone cold since we where outside. Would probably visit again but try something other than a roast.