What a place!

On Saturday night we had the pleasure of dining at Tattu (Gartside St, 3 Hardman Sq, Spinningfields, Manchester). I’ve wanted to visit since it opened and it was recommended by a friend who had been there to celebrate their engagement. 

We were quickly whisked upstairs to the dining area and seated on a table for two. The decor in Tattu is beautiful, tables, chairs and napkins are all black, in the centre of the room is a gigantic cherry blossom tree. Giant anchors hang from the ceiling down into the bar area and the ceiling is crisscrossed with rope. 

Our server, Casper, was amazing. As it was our first visit he talked us through the menu and advised us on the size of the dishes available. There’s dim sum, small dishes and large dishes. The small dishes are starter size. Dim Sum can also be eaten instead of a starter. 


Tattu Manchester
The cocktails were out of this world. I went for Memoirs of a Geisha and the Gin Whisperer went for Skull Candy. My cocktail looked like a bubbling witches brew, the Skull Candy was served in a glass skull, smoking from the top. They both tasted absolutely amazing. 

We decided to save the Dim Sum for another time and went for Chilli Salt Baby Squid and Duck and Watermelon Salad. The squid was the best I have ever tasted, absolutely wonderful and the Duck salad was an absolute delight. The combination of flavours and textures with the cashew nuts, spring onions, mint, sesame seeds and coriander were just wonderful. Probably one of the best starters I’ve ever had. 

Chilli Salt Baby Squid and Duck & Watermelon Salad

Next up were the main dishes. I chose the Char Siu Pork and the Gin Whisperer went for the Black Angus Fillet, rare. 

Clockwise from left: Char Siu Pork, Black Angus Fillet, Green Beans & XO Sauce, Beansprout Noodles

When Casper deliver our mains he gave us additional information about the dishes, whilst the Char Siu sauce is very good the Caramel Soy sauce with the fillet was ‘liquid gold’ and I should try it with my pork too. My pork topped with orange and lemon marmalade and served on a bed of Choi Sum with the sauce, served warm, on the side. Absolutely delicious. The Black Fillet was cooked to perfection, topped with Shitake and served on a bed of asparagus with the ‘liquid gold’ on the side. Casper wasn’t joking about the sauce, it was amazing! Sides were good too.

Finally came the desserts, yes, after both those delicious courses we still had room for dessert. We would have been crazy not to make room! Casper suggested I go for the Cherry Blossom and who was I to choose anything else? And the Gin Whisperer went for the Chocolate Satay. There wasn’t much of a description of how the desserts might be served. The Cherry Blossom simply said  ‘Chocolate, Miso and Cherry’. The Chocolate Satay simply said ‘Chocolate, Peanut and Coconut’. This is how they arrived…….


Top: Cherry Blossom Bottom: Chocolate Satay
Only one word can describe the presentation: Wow! The Cherry Blossom was two balls of chocolate mousse, cherry meringues, cherry sorbet, chocolate soil, candy floss, dark chocolate flakes, tiny gel pearls filled with cherry and finished off with edible flowers and micro-herbs. The Chocolate Satay consisted of, from what I can remember, chocolate cake, peanut ice cream, chocolate soil, dried red pepper skin, coconut pearls and a macaron, again finished with micro-herbs and edible flowers. Having mentioned that it was our wedding anniversary the desserts were served with a giant sparkler and a nice little speech from Casper wishing us a happy anniversary. And yes, the desserts did taste just as good as they looked.

Tattu has the potential to be a totally over the top, pretentious restaurant which is style over substance but it has managed to be completely the opposite. From the warm welcome at reception, sumptuous booths in the bar area available to book with no minimum spend, the friendly and professional service, the atmosphere, the decor, the food. Everything about this restaurant is perfection. I have never enjoyed a meal more, in fact I would go as far as to say this is the best meal I’ve ever had. 

We paid just under £200 for 3 courses, 2 cocktails, a bottle of wine and 4 glasses of champagne. Definitely worth visiting again and again and again.