Catch of the day, week, year……

I spent a long time convincing The Ginwhisperer to visit Catch West Vale. We’ve recently moved the Northamptonshire/Warwickshire/Oxfordshire border to West Yorkshire, his first time in our beautiful county, and the first time I’ve lived here since I left for university 19 years ago. Much has changed since I left, even out local Chinese has had a makeover.

So his problem with Catch was that it’s just a fish and chip place. I, on the otherhand, knew better. Having followed them on Instagram before we moved, I knew that as well as amazing fish and chips they offered some stunning looking starters and mains as well as daily specials. 

I finally managed to drag him through the door at around 2.30pm in the middle of the week, I was surprised the restaurant was open but it turns out they are open from 12pm until 9pm every day. Since then we’ve been back at least four times, we’ve only lived here 6 weeks! 

Starters clockwise from top left: Fish & Shellfish Soup, King Prawn Pakoras, Grilled Crevettes, Smoked Salmon, Seared Tuna with Pickled Vegetables, Tempura Battered Sea Bass & Baba Ghanoush

The starters are amazing. I’ve had something different every visit. My personal favourite was Tempura Battered Sea Bass with Baba Ghanoush and Samphire. I hardly ever chose Sea Bass, I don’t like fish with its fur on, but this was delicious. And the Pickled Samphire was amazing. The Ginwhisperer adores the Fish & Shellfish Soup, so much so he’s had it pretty much every time, as has my dad! It’s nearly a meal in itself. Packed with whatever was fresh on the market that morning, sometimes mussels, sometimes clams, always very tasty and served with a giant Parmesan Crouton and Aioli.

When it comes to main courses, only once have I strayed from the Award-Winning Fish & Chips, which are tremendous! The batter is crispy and thin and the fish is served with proper chip shop chips. A few weeks ago I had the Seafood Thermidor which was also delicious. Lots of juicy fish and seafood in a creamy Thermidor sauce topped with parsley and chive crumb. The Ginwhisperer’s favourite is the Scampi. But at Catch it is no ordinary Scampi, this is Tempura Battered King Prawn Scampi served with their special Crayfish Tartar Sauce. Amazing! 

Not only is the food good, there’s a really good wine list with Gin cocktails and even a special cocktail list at the weekend. And the staff are super friendly and welcoming too. 

Well worth a visit, we’ll be back again soon!